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About Us

Registered Angus Cattle - Technology and Tradition

Disease Prevention and Bio-Security
We are a closed operation which prevents contamination from the introduction of new stock. We employ procedures to insure that visiting vendors, agents and veterinarians do not introduce any disease or biological contaminates into our environment. We are one of the few ranches tested negative for both Johne's disease and BVD-PI(Bovine Viral Diarrhea-Persistent Infection). Our American Angus Association report states no carriers of AM (Curly Calf genetic defect). We started testing for Johne's Disease in 2002 and received acceptance of our ranch plan by the USDA in 2003. Johne's Disease is associated with Crohn's Disease in humans. Paratuberculosis or Johne's disease /ˈjoʊnə/ is a contagious, chronic and sometimes fatal infection that primarily affects the small intestine of ruminants. It is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis.
  We use an industry standard herd health plan for vaccinations, deworming and herd health. We also inspect all fields for noxious plants, including soda apple monthly during the growing months of spring, summer and fall. Please visit our ranch for a complete review of our procedures. I think you will find a level of control you won't find on any other ranch.
Breeding Program
We use synchronized timed AI with select highly proven genetic sires from the American Breeders Service.
For those of you who may not be familiar with these terms we start by synchronizing the ovulation cycles of our cows and heifers. They are induced to ovulate during a specific time frame to maximize conception via artificial insemination. Artificial insemination is used to provide the best proven genetic material available. This proceedure insures we produce genetically superior proven seedstock that will allow our buyers to maximize genetic advancement in their herds. We don't have to own the bull to use the best bulls in the world.
From our palpation cage equipt squeeze chute with digital electronic scale to our solar electric cross fencing we endeavor to use the newest and best technology. We have a wireless network computer connection located in our cattle pens to record data first hand on a laptop computer.

Twin Oaks is managed by a graduate of the University of Florida with a Associate of Science degree in Animal Science. He received a certificate as a Master Cattleman form the Alachua County Extension Service in 2002 and a certificate in Artificial Insemination from the American Breeders Service. He is also an internationally Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician, a Cisco Certified Network Technician and Microsoft Certified Professional.

Give us a call at 352 528 5908 to schedule a viewing.

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