American Angus
Twin Oaks Ranch
14850 NE 20th St.
Williston, FL 32696
352 528 5908 Ranch 352 278 0780 Cellular
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6079 AAA 15337433

Technology and Tradition
Producing Fine Cattle for Breeding and Show


 Registered Calves and Bulls for sale Call 352 528 5908

Proven Healthy, Genetically Superior Cattle at a
Price You Can Afford

We use artificial insemination (AI) from the best bulls in the world to impregnate our cows.

Our closed herd has been tested Johne's Disease negative and BVD-PI negative
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Our focus is on calving ease and curve bending growth. Our herd cover bull is a son of SydGen Mandate 6079 a top ABS bull for calving ease with exceptional growth.

We use the most advanced biomedical technology available today combined with the  practical applications developed by traditional cattle ranching to produce fine, healthy cattle for breeding and show.


We don't own the best bulls in the world, we just breed our cows to them. Check us out. I think you'll find we can provide you with an exceptional bull or heifer at an extremely reasonable price. The big ranch monopoly has been broken with the advent of Artificial Insemination.  We are the little guy with the great stock and great prices. We're proud to say we are easily better than the big ranches.

Give us a call at 352 528 5908 to schedule a viewing.

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